Say That, Leela: Her Thoughts On ‘R&B Divas: LA’ Episode 4

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014

Editor’s note: In episode four of “R&B Divas: LA,” Leela James and Chante Moore sit down to discuss the diva anthem. For some reason, Chante wants to avoid letting the divas listen to the final version before signing off on it. However, Leela isn’t having that. She lets it be known that she doesn’t allow for a song she recorded be released without her listening to it first — which is very reasonable. Read more Leela’s commentary she exclusively penned for

I’m not a novice when it comes to making a record. I have 5 albums under my belt. From my time in the music industry, I’ve learned I have to protect my image, my brand and always take care of the business. No one is going to look after you like you. So, I don’t care who it is. It could be the the best producer or mastering engineer out there, but if my voice is on the recording, then I need to hear the final mix before I sign off on it and it goes public. I don’t think it’s unreasonable request to want hear a final mix of a song your voice is on before it goes out. Actually, it’s good business and it has nothing to do with TRUST.

I was always taught that misunderstandings and poor communication can fester and will build into something bigger than what it needs to be. It’s best to address the problem, talk about it, then let it go. My motto is: Stomp things out like a roach, before stuff multiplies. People may not always see eye to eye on everything, and that’s ok, to each his or her own. All in all, in every relationship the lines of communication has to stay open in order for it be healthy and productive.